About Agave Partners

We are Mexicans with a big ambition of showing the world the best quality of sprits from Mexico. With 12 years of knowledge and experience in the business and being trained with the maître masters, tequileros and mezcaliers from all around Mexico. By taking care in selecting type of agave, with care in the processing and in choosing the most perfect in quality, to bring to you this elixir of the gods to bring you a taste of Mexico!


Mexico is home to more than 200 kinds of agave and 30 of them are used for Mezcal production. Each kind of agave has its special characteristics, therefore it is possible to gain many different scents and tastes during the production process of Mezcal. It takes 7-9 years for an agave plant to grow and reach maturity (its heart weights as much as 60 kilos) and it can be used for Mezcal production. As soon as it reaches the right age, the plan is cut by the eldest member of the family. Only the heart (the bloom) is than used for production. The juice is than fermented at least twice to reach its fine and soft flavour. From 1 plant can be harvested as much as 65 litres of Mezcal and it has always 55% of alcohol after first distillation. Than it is being softened with water to its minimum of 36% of alcohol as Mezcal, but it being softened more even to 20% of alcohol to get Mezcal sweeteners for coffee, tea and to create delicate sweet crust on meats. Young Mezcal goes right to the bottling process and some of it goes to barrels of oak to age. These aged Mezcal’s are called Young HR Blanco and Guerrero (0.5 – 1.5 years), or reposado HR Pinck (2 – 8 years).


History steps as far as to time before Jesus. In those days was the continent of central america inhabited by people who were producing a different kind of alcohol drink called pulque which could be compared to wine. Change came with Spanish fighters who knew the process of distillation. This factor and others gave birth to a recipe of Mezcal production, unchanged transferred from generation to generation until present days.

Mayahuel – our goddess who gave us this present

Agave was for many centuries taken as a sacred plant tightly connected to rituals and gods. Story tells us that once there was a man who fell in love with goddess and she felt for him which was against the rules and so her grandmother, mother of the light sent 4 transformers to split them up. So right after she let this man drink love from her breast, there came 4 deaths to kill the man, but Goddess saved him and changed them both into an Agave or Maguey as it is called in Mexico. Killers came and cut the bayonet arms leaving the heart. Luckily Quetzalcóatl their friend who survived grandmothers madness took the heart and burried his loved ones. By than it was the first plant of agave.

When agave reaches its final days before harvest, approximately 8 years since it has been planted. It is matter of hours to catch the right moment, because if you don’t cut it in the right time, the most amazing thing happens. Its heart shoots up a stem straight to the sun which grows 15 cm a day and in the end it is more than 5 meters tall. On the top than are 300 little child plants which are seeded in a nursery and later to the field. In Mexico they have sun everyday so it really does not matter when they are planted, the harvest can be done anytime in the year.

Mexicans are very gracious for this gift and there is many families growing Agaves in their fields, than they bring them together in a distillery and together they produce, bottle and sell. Here we come we are called Agave Partners and we are ambassadors of the brands we have been entrusted with.

Have a good time and a drink of Mezcal, sip by sip!