El Famoso Blanco

This young mezcal is double distillation giving it a smooth an tasty flavour

At first sight…

You will love the clear mezcal in this classic Mexican style bottle.

Smell it …

The scent will inspire you to sip it slowly to savoir the aroma.

Taste it…

The taste will remind you of a beautiful evening in Mexico with a slight fruity after taste.

How to drink El Famoso Mezcal?

best to sip it slowly with or without traditional Mexican food.

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Agave kind: Espadin

Type: 100% agave

Category: Young/Joven

Packaging: 1000 ml | 12 in a box

Per Bottle 644, 63CZK
DPH 21% 135,37CZK
(per bottle including DHP 780CZK)
Per Box 9360CZK
* Every bottle comes with a small bag of Maguey salt .

Packaging: 250 ml Bottles

Per Bottle 190,08CZK
DPH 21% 39,92CZK
(per bottle including DHP 230CZK)

Alc. vol.: 40%

Certification: COMERCAM* CMReg

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