Guerrero represents warrior. This Mezcal is Favorited mostly by brave men, but is preferred as well by strong ladies. They love it for its unmistakable spicy flavour. For a Czech bloke can the fact that it hides a worm surprising, it is rich for pheromones and an aphrodisiac.

On first sight …

Its clear goldish color will daze you

Smell it …

The smell of herbs and the wooden barrel.

Taste …

Enjoy the soft taste, which leans in after first sip. Ending is both pleasant and provoking together.

How to drink Guerrero Mezcal?

It is ideal as an aperitif and served with citruses. The tastes best with something spicy and foods picante.

Origin: Guerrero, Mexico

Agave kind: Augustifolia

Type: 100% agave

Category: young with work

Packaging: 750 ml | 12 in a box


Not in Storage, by request only
Per Bottle: 726CZK
Per Box: 7200CZK

Alc. vol.: 40%

Certification: COMERCAM* CMReg

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