HR Pinck

Especially made for women is Mezcal Pinck – reposado from hacienda De Robles. Your eye can tell not only by looking at the beautiful bottle but as well pouring it you can see famous pink tone color and feel it smoothness. It is ageing in oak barrels after red wine together with petals of roses. Given to special women it is a great present.

On first sight …

It will interest you with golden color and copper tone, followed by surprising purity.

Smell it …

You will feel the aromatic scent. Cooked agave tone is dominant and powered by scents of fruits and woods. Perfect balance of scents is illustrated by spice and honey.

Taste it…

You will experience harmony in your mouth.

How to drink Hacienda De Robles Pinck?

It is great as an appetizer and as well as digestive. Especially in combination with red meat will be your gastronomical experience full.

Award: Hacienda PINCK received golden medal on Festival of drinks CINVE 2010, Sevilla, Spain 

Origin: Zacatecas, Mexico

Agave kind: Weber

Type: 100% agave

Category: reposado in oak barrels after red wine

Packaging: 750 ml | 12 in a box

Per Bottle 633,06CZK
DPH 21% 132,94CZK
(per bottle including DHP 766CZK)
Per Box 9192CZK

Alc. vol.: 38%

Certification: COMERCAM* CMReg

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