HR Reposado

This quality distillate is interesting mostly for young adults. It finds its place in a modern kitchen when preparing exotic foods. You will compliment it on party nights and dance nights as well. The best is chilled in a shot glass.

On first sight …

With its golden tones and rays.

Smell it …

Mexican citrus plantation will hug you and mostly you could feel cooked agaves. After you will feel whiff of flower meadows from far away.

Taste it …

Your taste buds will be confused for a while. A balance between sweet and sour taste in the mouth is almost ideal. The presence of alcohol is obvious and strong but not aggressive.

How to drink Hacienda Reposado Mezcal?

HR Reposado is a great appetizer before meal have it with orange or lime it especially high lights the taste of white meat. It is perfect but mostly as a base for cocktails of citruses and Forrest fruits.

Origin: Zacatecas, Mexico

Agave kind: Weber

Type: 100% agave

Category: Young

Packaging: 750 ml | 12 in a box

Per Bottle 623,97CZK
DPH 21% 131,03CZK
(per bottle including DHP 755CZK)
Per Box 9060CZK

Alc. vol.: 38%

Certification: COMERCAM* CMReg

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