Santo Infierno

Mezcal Santo Infierno is purity, sin, light and darkness. Born in the magical land of San Baltazar Guelaviila, Oaxaca. It’s creators filled it with soul and spirit, Aged for 7 years and will make all burn.

At first sight…

The elegantly designed bottle, inspired by classical Mexican design, will even inspire a connoisseur of quality Mezcals.

Smell it …

The scent of quality aged 7 years, with a fruity sent that makes it easy to drink.

Taste it…

The smooth taste will make it easy to drink, with a pleasant after taste.

How to drink Santo Infierno Mezcal?

Sip the quality straight and enjoy, or try it with one of our cocktail recipes.

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Agave kind: Espadin

Type: 100% agave

Category: aged

Packaging: 750 ml | 6 in a box

Per Bottle 1157CZK
DPH 21% 242,97CZK
(per bottle including DHP 1400CZK)
Per Box 8400CZK (6 bottles, 1 bottle free if buying 2 boxes)

Alc. vol.: 43%


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