Ron MK Blanco

Ron Organic MK Balnco is made from 100% organic cane sugar. It has a subtle, sweet, a cane freshly cut, with hints of banana and toasted oak aroma. The palate entry is delicate and sweet flavors can appreciate cane, green leaves, soft lime, honey with a fine wood flavor. On the nose, citrus tones with soft lime and green apple, fruits like banana with undertones of honey, green leaves and tall virgin mountains can be seen. Ideal for cocktails, mixing or on the rocks.

On first sight …

Its clear color, shows it’s refined purity.

Smell it …

Smell the sweet aroma of this organic rum.

Taste …

You will enjoy the sweet taste of this unique rum.

How to drink Ron MK Blanco?

It is best served with fruit juices. It also goes well in cocktails and as an after dinner drink.

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Type: Organic Rum

Category: Blanco

Packaging: 750 ml | 12 in a box

Per Bottle 600CZK
DPH 21% 126CZK
(per bottle including DHP 726CZK)
Per Box 8712CZK

Alc. vol.: 38%

Certification: Certified Organic by Certimex and USDA.

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